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Collective Worship Council

Welcome to our Collective Worship Council page!




Our Mission Statement


  • To be the pupil voice for collective worship.
  • To help with the running of collective worships.
  • To model the correct way to behave in collective worship.



Our Team


Our current members of Collective Worship council are:

Year 6 - Fleur, Mills and Tom A.

Year 5 - George, Harry S. and Ruby

Year 4 - Amelia, Lexie and Olivia



Our Collective Worship Council mentor is Miss Mohomed-Hossen.


If you have any suggestions about issues relating to collective worship then please talk to one of our members on the Collective Worship Council.




Our agenda


  • To share and demonstrate our great knowledge of our schools values.  

  • To help plan assemblies that are informative, interactive and engaging.

  • To create drama sketches of stories from the Bible.

  • To help create a wonderful Christian Ethos in our school.

  • To look after and help with the maintenance of our local church, St Peter's Church. 






Our fortnightly meetings are held on Tuesday mornings.


Tuesday 18th October 2018 

The collective worship council met with Miss Hossen to discuss what should be displayed on our collective worship values board in the hall and our British values board at the front of the school. The following were discussed and agreed upon:

  • The collective worship value board should be colourful and engaging for the children.
  • It should also stand out from the other boards in the hall.
  • As well as this, it should have a big impact and make children want to engage with it.
  • The acrostic poem for generosity (our value this half term) should be used for this display.
  • This will remind the children what generosity is and how we can be generous.
  • The British values board should be simple but effective.
  • It should display the individual values with a description of what each value is.​​


From this meeting, all of the children on the Collective Worship council worked together with the help of Miss Hossen to create two fantastic and engaging boards on British values and our collective worship value of generosity.