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Eco Council

Welcome to our Green Team page!


Our Mission Statement:


To protect and preserve our natural environment, as well as to raise the awareness of how to protect and preserve for the rest of the school to follow suit.

Our current Green Team are:

Ruby Y6

Thuraya Y6 (Secretary)

Amy Y6

Mia Y5

Thomas Bentley Y4

Freddie and Theodore Y3

Lexie Y2

Will and Erin Y1



Our Green Team mentor: 


Mrs Dickens


Our Green Team support mentor is:

Miss Cooke



Our fortnightly meetings are held on a Thursday lunchtime.


Our agenda for this year is to:

School Grounds

Maintain school grounds by litter picking and tidying our wildlife areas.

Plant and grow some vegetables in our ECO garden.

Create more homes for the wildlife - bees and birds.

Classrooms and Communal Areas

Make sure all lights are switched off in rooms not being used.

Check bins are being used correctly, create new posters to promote recycling.

Make sure taps are turned off after use, create posters.

Wider Community

Tidy outside school gates.


This term we are creating a new logo for our group and we would like you to help us, we have 4 designs to choose from, we will send them to your class when they are ready for your vote.





If you have any suggestions about issues relating to the local environment please  talk to one of our Green Team members. We are also creating a notice board in the cloakroom, so look out for jobs lists and join in to help keep our school looking amazing








Spring Bulbs

We have lots of bulbs which need planting!

Grow your own Potatoes


Spring is on it's way!

We have applied for some free seeded potatoes to grow. Please look out for notices for help in the not too distant future to tidy the ECO garden and prepare it ready for the growing season.