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School Council

Our Mission Statement:


Our School Council represents the views of all of our pupils. 


Our School Council gives our children the opportunity to make their voices heard, and feel like a part of the whole school community.


We have regular meetings to think about how we can bring a positive change to the school. We discuss how current policies are doing, whether they are working, as well as by thinking of new, exciting ideas to bring to the school environment.


We promote an ethos of taking responsibility for our day-to-day schooling lives, however big or small.


Our School Councillors are:


Tallulah - Chairperson - Year 5

Maise - Deputy Chairperson - Year 6

Leah - Secretary - Year 6


William - Year 4 Representative

Alys- Year 3 Representative

Taylor-Leigh- Year 2 Representative

Zak - Year 1 Representative



Our School Councillor Mentors are:


Mrs Kearney and Mrs Stritch


Our first charity event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer was very successful. Below Leah has written a brief recount of the event and how much we raised.





We raised around £220 when Macmillan coffee morning took place in the hall last Friday. It was a wonderful morning and a great turn out. Thank you to everyone who donated cakes to support this great charity!


Some reasons why children joined school council:


Chair of school council-Tallulah said “I joined school council because I wanted to help the school grow and become an even better learning environment.”

Secretary-Leah also said “I joined up to school council because I wanted to help raise money not only for the school but also for deserving charities such as Cancer Research UK and Water Aid and so on.”  


Some ideas that the group came up with:


We came up with the idea of bringing back football after it has been banned for so many weeks. This idea had been requested from many boys in the years mostly KS2. We are

thinking about doing a system of where we are going to let the children play football for a couple of days and see how it goes and we will the think about bringing it back permanently. The whole reason why it got banned in the first place was because of disagreements and not playing for enjoyment but competition and it never ended well! Another idea was to have sports ambassadors who put on activities on set days for all years to join in. We also decided to have an equipment monitor who makes sure that people are playing with the equipment properly and inform them if they are not and show then show them the correct way to use it.

Lastly we are having a school council assembly on Friday so we can let the rest of the school know our plans and keep them informed.




Minutes from 6/10/16



lifting the ban of no football

respecting the play equipment


Action: To inform the rest of the school during assembly - about the 2 day trial to lift the ban of football this will proceed once we have fully decided on the date of choice.



To have 2 sports  ambassadors who will do actives with the children every lunch break time to encourage children to participate in activities lead by the sports ambassadors.

1 equipment monitor who goes around to check that people are playing with the equipment correctly and to show children

how to use the equipment and learn a new skill.

Update Feb 17

School council trialled football at break times and did separate games for kS1 and KS2 at different break times. We thought of this so there wasn't too many children playing at the same time and the smaller children would have a chance to play without the older boys taking over.

School council also provided sports ambassadors to lead games for the children to come and join in and we also decided on equipment monitors to oversee the order of the sheds and that equipment is stored safely.


Outcome: We decided that football will not continue for the duration of the term because of continuous disagreements and lack of playground room where the children can play safely. However, Leah from school council has made a suggestion to trail basketball at break times to see is there is a response from the children.



Minutes from 15/3/17


who attended:

School Council board

sports ambassadors:

head- Leah and Maise

Mitchell and Lara

equipment monitors

Head- William

Raphael and Chelsea


Football didn't really work due to the amount of arguments because the boys said that the girls didn't really know anything about football, the main reason why football is now banned is that the boys were not playing by the rules.

Basketball on the other hand went really well and the children playing have enjoyed the game.


Cake sale and red nose day:

Is the same day as mums in school day. Mums will help set up tables at 2:15pm. For the cake sale we are putting posters all around the school about when and what time the cakes are being sold. The children are going to make some cakes with red noses on them in classes.


Suggestions for future charity raising ideas.


* Crazy hair day to raise money for the school


*Suggestion box so the other children can be involved


*football match on sports day


Update 20/3/17


Sports Ambassadors


Led by Leah and Maisie

Helpers-Zack and Erin

These children were chosen by our school council to lead sporting activities with the children on particular days.


Equipment monitors


Led by William and Tallulah

Helpers Taylor-Leigh and Alys

These children are responsible for making sure everyone is playing nicely during break and lunch, they are also to encourage other children to use the equipment correctly.