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Knowl Hill CE Academy expects and promotes high attendance of all it's pupils. The attendance records are monitored on a regular basis and pupils are quickly identified if they are absent frequently.   We make every effort to work with parents and children to ensure they attend school on a regular basis. 


We recognise that occasionally children have the odd day off school through illness and accidents.


If your child is absent from school, please make sure that you let us know by 9.30 am that morning by contacting the School Office. When your child returns to school please send a note giving us the reasons for their absence.  We would appreciate it if you make medical and other appointments after the school day.


Children with poor attendance and poor punctuality will be monitored by our Educational Welfare Officer, which may result in a home visit if your child's attendance drops below 85%.


Getting to school on time is important: it means that the teacher is able to begin the day’s learning without interruption and, quite simply, it’s an important life skill to adopt.
If your child is late for school, on arrival you must go to the main entrance where there is a security entrance system and sign the late book.
Similarly, if you are late collecting your child at the end of the day, please telephone the school to let us know, and collect your child from the office, where this can be recorded.

At Knowl Hill CE Academy pupils are not expected to take your family holidays during the school term-time.  At present children receive up to 13 weeks off school every year and the calendar is presented to parents a year in advance.  If you should take a holiday during term time you will need to submit a holiday request form to the Head of School.  These are available from the office.


The Head of School will automatically unauthorise holiday requests unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

Attendance Awards
Children get the most out of school and the opportunities it offers, through uninterrupted attendance and being on time each morning. That’s why we celebrate and reward such behaviour.  Those children who have been in school each and every day of a term, receive praise and a certificate in our Celebration Assembly at the end of term. There is also a special award given in the final term to those children who attend an entire academic year with no absences.


We also reward classes with the most overall attendance for each term.  This encourages children to work as part of a team to collectively raise attendance in their class.  They are rewarded with a certificate to display in their class and are presented with the attendance trophy to keep for the whole of the following term.