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You would be quite amazed at how many charities we have supported over the past couple of years.  Many of the fundraising ideas and charities we support have come from school council members, from children and parents who have had personal experiences, or from national disasters reported in the media.


Stop and have a look at the many certificates of thanks from the charities that are displayed in the school office.  You should feel very proud of what you have achieved to help and support others locally, nationally and internationally.  A few samples are below.

Picture 1 Helping others to care.
Picture 2 Giving back to the community!
Picture 3 Clean water for everyone!
Picture 4 Supporting children & families worldwide.
Picture 5 Helping children with a life threatening illness.
Picture 6 Providing safety, love and care for children.
Picture 7 Jeans for Genes Day!
Picture 8 Raising money to help beat cancer!
Picture 9 Raising for Save the Children!