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Collective Worship Council

Welcome to our Collective Worship Council page!




Our Mission Statement


  • To be the pupil voice for collective worship.
  • To help with the running of collective worships.
  • To model the correct way to behave in collective worship.



Our Team


Our current members of Collective Worship council are:

Year 6 - Bailey, Fleur, Mills and Tom A.

Year 5 - Abby, Alfie and Ruby

Year 4 - Amelia, Lexie and Olivia



Our Collective Worship Council mentor is Miss Mohomed-Hossen.


If you have any suggestions about issues relating to collective worship then please talk to one of our members on the Collective Worship Council.




Our agenda


  • To share and demonstrate our great knowledge of our schools values.  

  • To help plan assemblies that are informative, interactive and engaging.

  • To create drama sketches of stories from the Bible.

  • To help create a wonderful Christian Ethos in our school.

  • To look after and help with the maintenance of our local church, St Peter's Church. 






Our fortnightly meetings are held on Tuesday mornings.