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Collective Worship

Collective worship – Roots and Fruits


We use Roots and Fruits for our collective worship.


Roots and Fruits provides creative collective worship for primary schools based in Christian values themes over a period of two years. Rooted in Bible teaching, twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in everyday life.


The value for the Autumn Term 1 is Generosity

and Autumn Term 2 is Compassion


Generosity is… 

Encouraging the best in each other 

Never selfish 

Enjoying helping others 

Raising support for a good cause 

Offering what we can 

Sharing our time and talents 

Inviting someone to join in 

Taking care of God’s creation for future generations 

You first, me last. 




Father God 

We praise you for all that you have generously given to us. 

Thank you for families and friends, 

Thank you for our bodies, our minds and all that makes  

us unique as your children. 

Inspire us to be generous in return 

Sharing what we have willingly and cheerfully, 

In the name of your Son Jesus, who gave his life for us. Amen  


Douglas Learns that our possessions don't last, so we should be generous! Douglas talks about generosity for kids. Every year for Douglas' birthday his mom m...

Compassion is… 

Costly caring 

Offering help 

Making a difference 

Putting others first 

Always listening 

Sensitive to suffering 

Service in action 

Interested in others 

Offering care and concern 

Noticing a need. 


Jesus help my eyes to see, all the good you send for me. 

Jesus help my ears to hear, calls for help from far and near 

Jesus help my feet to go, in the way that you will show, 

Jesus help my hands to do, all things loving, kind and true. 



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When I needed a Neighbour

Words & Music by Sydney Bertram Carter Performed by Daniel Shiels & Mike Newbon