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Welcome to our Green Team page!


Our Mission Statement:


To protect and preserve our natural environment, as well as to raise the awareness of how to protect and preserve for the rest of the school to follow suit.

Our current Green Team are:


Year 6 - Hollie and Ishani  

Year 5 - Alys and Rose

Year 4 - Iga and Annabel

Year 3 - Maya and Ada 

Year 2 - Lykke and Jake 

Year 1 - Ella H 

Foundation - Jamie and Grace



Our Green Team mentor: 


Mrs Dickens





Our fortnightly meetings are held on a Thursday lunchtime.


Our agenda for this year is to:

School Grounds

Maintain school grounds by litter picking and tidying our wildlife areas.

Plant and grow some vegetables in our ECO garden.

Create more homes for the wildlife - bees and birds.

Classrooms and Communal Areas

Make sure all lights are switched off in rooms not being used.

Check bins are being used correctly, create new posters to promote recycling.

Make sure taps are turned off after use, create posters.

Wider Community

Tidy outside school gates.


Watch this space!





If you have any suggestions about issues relating to the local environment please  talk to one of our Green Team members. 








13/09/18 - This week we all came together with the members from the School Council and Collective Worship Team to spend an afternoon with some visitors from the Church. Rev Hugh Barnes and Mike Buckland came to us and shared God's love of all creatures. We had a visit from Rose-Ann who brought Dan the pipistrelle bat along for us to meet. 

We visited the church yard to look for signs of life and learned to walk like a beetle, great fun!

ECO Church activities

 ECO Church

27/09/18 - This week we were very lucky to have Mike, Rev Steve and Mrs Baker in school. We started off by singing Who put the Colours in the Rainbow.

This week's theme was birds. We had a wonderful Barn Owl visit us along with his handler Sadie from Fur and Feathers. She told us all about owls in the wild,  how they have adapted to their surroundings and how they hunt at night. We then went into the churchyard to listen out for birds. We did hear a few but the road was a little to noisy.

ECO Church - Bird Week

ECO Church - Bird Week 1
ECO Church - Bird Week 2
ECO Church - Bird Week 3
ECO Church - Bird Week 4
ECO Church - Bird Week 5
ECO Church - Bird Week 6

ECO Church

8/11/18 - For our final session this month we had an exciting afternoon with Rev Hugh, Mike and Owen who brought along a collection of exotic creatures for us to meet. There was Incey Wincey a tarantula, There were some stick insects from the Amazon Rainforest, a bearded dragon and a royal python. We were very privileged to be able to handle these wonderful creatures. 

Rev Hugh taught us the Waggle Dance and we looked for bugs in the ECO garden, unfortunately they have all gone to bed for the winter!


We have really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to the Spring Term.

ECO Church - Owen's Animals