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History of School


Knowl Hill C of E Academy has been serving the community since 1846.  The school was initially established to educate local children whose families could not afford to send their children to school and for those children who were sent to work long hours each day and contribute towards the family income. 


Education was not considered a high priority for many families in the 1800s nor was it compulsory.  The Christian church recognised that education was key to success and that it should be made available to all children - free of charge.  This idea provided the opportunity for many young children to stop working and attend school to receive an education.  From then on many children learned to read, write and add.  These core skills changed many lives for the better and today we continue to offer a free compulsory education for all children.


Knowl Hill CE Academy has always been a small school but during World War 2, the school increased significantly in pupil numbers as many children were evacuated from London to Knowl Hill Village.  Records show many children lived with families in the village of Knowl Hill and attended the school for up to 4 years before returning home to be reunited with their families.


The school has played host to many ex-pupils and staff who have fond memories of their school days.  During the summer of 2013 there was a 20 years reunion and in 2009 a 50 years reunion was well attended.  People travelled from as far as Australia, Canada and the USA to get together with past friends and staff.  Some of the families and ex pupils still live in the local area and have many stories to tell.


If you would like to know more about the history of our school,please visit Reading library which holds historical information of the school that can be accessed by appointment.


Ex pupils return to Knowl Hill CE Academy to share their personal experiences and expectations of moving to secondary school.