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Still image for this video


Still image for this video




Listening and discussing.






  1. Study at the book name and illustration.
  2. Share what you think the book is about based on the book cover (predict).  Some may write their prediction in a sentence (use template or own paper).
  3. Watch and listen to the story.
  4. Was all or part of your prediction correct?
  5. Then verbally, retell the story to someone in your family.
  6. When you retell the story, also explain why you think the penguin was on an umbrella on a second journey?


Maybe video you retelling the story, and email.  I’ll select 1-3 to put on our Class Page.


This week’s storybook.

Reading comprehension

  • Ask your parent a question about the story.
  • Parents can use the generic questions bookmark or their own question.
  • Repeat until you’re questioned out!

Advice for parents.




Create an A4 sized emperor penguin artwork, using any materials you have at home.  For example, pencil (smudge to create tone), chalk, oil pastels, paint, ink, coloured pencil, maybe even felt tips for details, though not for colouring. 


Cut and stick to your painted icy arctic horizon (ice and sky).


Take a photo that fills the camera screen and email.




Non-fiction links

1) Watch the short cartoon (animation) to learn about what humans do, that effect icy cold Polar habitats.

2) Create a poster to share what we can do to reduce climate change.

Penguins and Polar Bears