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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

"Together We Succeed"

Ashley Hill MAT

Part of the

Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust




‘Encourage one another and build each other up’

1 Thessalonians 5:11



At Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust, we aspire to ensure that children will be equipped with the skills and mathematical knowledge required for Secondary School by the end of their primary schooling, as well as their life after education. We recognise these skills as:

  • fluency in arithmetic and mental methods.
  • the ability and confidence to explore and investigate reasoning problems.
  • to be able to articulate their methods and understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • nurturing a love and enthusiasm for the subject.

It is recognised that all children have different strengths and abilities and our intention is to provide a curriculum that allows all children to achieve their potential in mathematics.



At AHMAT our curriculum follows a mastery approach that enables children to develop all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in maths and to gain independence and confidence in their abilities. We achieve this through the following:

  1. A daily maths lesson that follows a mastery approach through the use of the Power Maths scheme of work. This includes concrete, pictorial and abstract methods, consolidating children’s prior learning in addition to building upon their knowledge and progressing their understanding.
  2. Mixed ability teaching that does not limit the children’s knowledge, but instead exposes them to the level of challenge required for them to achieve their full potential.
  3. A daily arithmetic session (Daily 5) that allows children to increase their mathematical fluency.
  4. Regular opportunities to challenge and apply mathematical understanding to abstract concepts through the use of problem-solving and reasoning questions.
  5. Monitoring understanding through regular formative and summative assessment, allowing children to gain confidence with test technique.
  6. Opportunities to apply mathematical understanding to real-life problems through outdoor learning, equipping them with skills for later life.
  7. Each classroom has a dedicated maths area that is resourced to reflect the current strand of learning and provide opportunities to explore through the mastery curriculum.
  8. Children who are identified as not making sufficient progress receive targeted intervention to support them and close the attainment gap.
  9. Competitions that stretch and inspire children.




Through our curriculum, children will develop a love and curiosity for the subject and understand the importance of maths in the real world. They will be able to articulate why the subject is important and the links that it has with other areas of the curriculum. Overall, our children will be equipped with the attitude and understanding required for them to continue with maths in the next stage of their education and to succeed in the subject in the