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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill

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The Green Team

Welcome to our Green Team page!

Our Mission Statement:


To protect and preserve our natural environment, as well as to raise the awareness of how to protect and preserve for the rest of the school to follow suit.

Our current Green Team are:


Year 6 - Maria & Eric

Year 5 - Isabella and Amy

Year 4 - Finley & Ruby S J

Year 3 - Taylor & Arabella

Year 2 - Paul & Sophia

Year 1 - Archie 



Our Green Team Mentor: 


Mrs Claire Roy





Our fortnightly meetings are held on a Tuesday morning.


Our agenda for this year is:


School Grounds

Maintain school grounds by litter picking and tidying our wildlife areas.

Create more homes for the wildlife - bees and birds.

Raise awareness about reducing our littering and plastic use.


Classrooms and Communal Areas

Make sure all lights are switched off in rooms not being used.

Check bins are being used correctly, create new posters to promote recycling.

Make sure taps are turned off after use, create posters.

Reduce our use of plastic, create posters about alternatives and producing an assembly for the school.


Wider Community

Tidy outside school gates.

Litter pick in the local community.


If you have any suggestions about issues relating to the local environment please talk to one of our Green Team members. 









We have participated in a fantastic recycling scheme with the help of Dr Hardy! We have been encouraging all staff, pupils and parents to collect a variety of packaging including biscuit wrappers, household cleaners and baby food pouches. We have had a competition within the classes at school to see who can collect the most recycling, this has definitely ensured an active response to the project!


Recently, we pooled all of our recycling together in order to prepare to send it off the main recycling plant. We separated the recycling out into the three programmes; biscuit and cracker wrappers, household cleaner packaging and baby food pouches. Once it was separated we weighed all of our recycling ready to be sent off! We had collected an amazing 9kg of recycling! This was fantastic work!


We had a great time promoting this scheme and working hard, together to ensure how environment is cleaner and that items can be re-used!


See some pictures below outlining the type of recycling that can be collected and some photographs of our Green Team at work!