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Meet the Staff

Staffing Structure 2016-17

Picture 1 Mrs N. Bourner: Head of School
Picture 2 Mrs J. Stephens: Foundation Teacher
Picture 3 Miss S. Mohomed-Hossen: Year 1 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs M. Kearney: Year 2 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs L. Dickens: Year 3 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs K. Williams: Year 5 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs L Morel: Year 6 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss L Wescott: Teaching Assistant Foundation
Picture 9 Miss T. Kearney: Teaching Assistant Foundation
Picture 10 Mrs Claire Roy: Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 11 Miss M. Cooke: Teaching Assistant Year 3
Picture 12 Mrs D. Stritch: Teaching Assistant Year 4
Picture 13 Miss A. Bagley: Teaching Assistant Year 5
Picture 14 Mrs J. Hancox: Teaching Assistant Year 6
Picture 15 Mrs L. Doyle: Office Manager



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