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Year 5

Welcome to year 5


Welcome back to school for the new term, and what a busy one it will be! Our theme this term is Africa. We start off with a trip to Marwell Zoo where the children will focus on the animals native to Africa. We will investigate all the various biomes within the continent plus identify why some animals are endangered. We will discuss and research the place zoos have in conservation and create our own balanced arguments for and against. The whole school production this year will be The Lion King and as we proceed through the term our Art will involve mask and puppet making in preparation for the show. We will learn the songs and learn to play some musical instruments to accompany parts of the show. We will also be creating a class dance.


Please note that our PE days have changed this term. We will now be having PE on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure PE kits are in school all week. There will be no need for children to come to school wearing their kits as the sessions will take place in the afternoons.















Curriculum Evening Powerpoint

Week Commencing Tuesday 23rd April.


This week in English we will be combining our learning with Geography. We will visit Marwell Zoo and use this experience to debate whether zoos are a good place for animals to live or not. We will learn about the different biomes that animals live in and use this learning to inform our balanced arguments.


In Maths we will be learning to add and subtract decimals. We will learn to understand the place value of each digit and learn how to use this when adding and subtracting numbers with different decimal points.


Guided Reading we will be reading The boy who harnessed the wind as a class. We will discuss the language the author has used, we will use dictionaries to look up meanings of unfamiliar words and also discuss the audience and purpose for writing the story.


Our block is Geography where we will be learning about Africa and its various biomes. 





Spelling Homework is a little different this term. We have completed this year's spelling list so each week Mrs Dickens will select words we need to revise.


Maths homework once again is sent out on a Monday to be returned completed by the following Monday. We then mark and pick up any misconceptions the children may have for the remainder of that week and the homework is then sent out again on the following Monday. There is a page at the front of the booklet that clearly gives these dates.


There will also be reading homework set. This will be on the alternative weeks to maths.


Please note homework will commence next week







Book Review


In class we are reading The Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. The book is building into an exciting adventure story. The characters so far are Sophie, An orphan girl who was rescued from a shipwreck as a baby by Charles. She lives with Charles in London, but the authorities don't believe that this is a good home for her. We predict that Sophie will find her mother, who she believes is still alive. 



Christian values


This term our value is ... Friendship







Important dates




24th April - Back to school

25th April - Marwell Zoo trip

26th April - Hero in school day. Jungle Mania

7th, 8th May - Parents Evening




Class Dojo Winner! 





Our Dojo winner this week is ...


Stars Of the Week



Our stars of the week this week are ...


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