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Our Mission Statement


'Protect our ecology and make a difference for our future.'




Whole School Eco Projects

Are Plastic still Fantastic?

The Eco-council's new initiative to recycle plastic waste, led by 'The Crisp Packet Project' will see us collecting hundreds of empty crisp packets, melding them together to create warm and waterproof blankets, sleeping bags and washbags for the  homeless people living on our streets.

The Big Plastic Count all Wrapped Up

Following 'The Big Plastic Count,' (an initiative in which the the Eco council counted the school's and their own recycled plastics for a week), shared their findings with the campaign to help stop the production of these polluting plastics.

They ran an assembly to talk about the effects of single-use plastics and included some very interesting facts along with a fun quiz (please see photos below).


Our school's Big Plastic Count results are in, showing a huge reduction in plastic waste from our last count in 2022.

Spring Has Sprung

A nesting Blue Tit pair laid ten eggs, with six chicks hatching in our new bird box. All six fledged on April 29th and both parents were working hard to care for the them. We look forward to more visitors next year as we also painted and put up a Robin box.

Blue Tit nest box -hatchlings.MP4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Bird Box

Our thanks goes to the PTA who have kindly raised enough funds to buy us a camera  bird box as well as seeds and feeders. During the winter break Mr Miles set up the bird box designed for smaller song birds such as Wrens and Blue Tits.

The Big Schools' Bird Watch 2024


In conjunction with the Royal Society for the protection of Birds, we have been monitoring the bird activity in our school grounds. Along with counting the daily sightings of different species of birds in our school grounds we have sent off our birdwatch count, taken over an hours observation for the yearly national count run by the RSPB. The findings show population trends and highlight those in decline and at risk.



The Eco-council (2023-24) were concerned about the rubbish left around school, so they have come up with the 'Bin Monster' initiative.

They acted out a play about the problems caused by litter and the untidiness of our school as well as the possible harm it can cause to wildlife- It is everyone's responsibility to dispose of their own rubbish and recycling properly.

Jayden and William put together a power point presentation to emphasise the problem of littering.

Following the assembly there will be monster faces and posters attached to the bins to make tidying more fun.


Please click on the PowerPoint presentation (below.) 

'Keep Our Seas, plastic Free' Art Project


This whole school project was planned by our 2021/22 Eco-council (when we started collecting plastic lids and pots.)

Designed and created by the children of Knowl Hill Academy.

Following our Big Plastic Count we wanted to highlight the negative impact single use plastics has on our marine environment.

Ocean plastic pollution eventually enters our food cycle as the plastic breaks down into microscopic pieces that are eaten by plankton and then works its way up the food chain to our dinner plates.


Celebrating National Bee Day


May 20th is National Bee Day!

The children celebrated the Solitary bee in its hundreds of forms. We talked about the different colours, sizes and names of the solitary bees, the names often give us clues as to where they nest. We also looked for a good position for a new Solitary bee house and Mr Miles has kindly put it up above our bug hotel, Bugingham Palace.


The Big Plastic Count

Our school joined 'The Big Plastic Count' for a school week (5 days).


Eco councillor (2021/22) Neva, counted the tally sheets from all classrooms, hall and  the staff room.


Total plastic items collected and counted...1,807


With 25% of our waste plastics being snack bags, packets and wrappers.


Many of these single use plastics would have been binned, perhaps ending their  journey in a landfill site or in our oceans, to then make their way back into our food chain. 


School Visitors

BNBG Bird Box Build

Bob and Branden of BNBG (Bisham Nest Box Group) kindly visited and helped us build bird nest boxes for our garden birds. We made Blue Tit and Robin boxes using hammers, screwdrivers and brute strength. The children worked very hard and were beaming with pride of their achievements.

Filling Good's Founder Nelly Semaille

Nelly very kindly spoke to our Eco, School and Collective-Worship councillors about the worlds plastic pollution problem and what we can do to help our planet. We also found out lots of interesting and worrying facts about plastic pollution as well as how Nelly has found the perfect solution to help us to help the planet by opening her community shop. As we all want to help preserve our planet for the future. 


Filling Good is Maidenhead’s community zero waste store. Not-for-profit and primarily run by volunteers, their purpose is to help people reduce their plastic consumption and waste by refilling their containers instead of throwing away lots of packaging! They are also the first and only carbon negative shop in Maidenhead (and beyond).


Filling Good was founded early in 2019 by Nelly Semaille, previously a finance manager who moved to Maidenhead the same year with her family.

It started out as a pop-up store inside the Craft Coop at the Nicholson Shopping Centre.  Opening just two days a week with a limited range of products, it proved to be a good way of meeting hundreds of local people.  Nelly connected with several customers who were very keen on taking a more active role in the shop as it grew. From then, a team of volunteers teamed up to bring the project to the next level, and about 100 shareholders locally came together to fund the opening of the shop.


Now open almost 4 years, Filling Good has allowed to save more than 100,000 pieces of packaging, and became carbon negative last year.

The shop is the go-to for your everyday groceries that you want to refill instead of throwing away lots of packaging! You can find all sorts of products on refills, from cleaning products to dry foods, and personal hygiene items, but also a carefully cured selection of eco responsible items and gifts.

We warmly recommend you to go and try to do your bit for the planet! The volunteers will welcome you and help you, and it is cheaper than you think!


Bat Conservation Trust


The school's councils had a fascinating visit from our very own Rev. Stephen Turville, Mike Buckland and Bat Conservation Trust educator, Charlotte Allchin.


With Mike leading, we began with a fun sing along followed by the bible story of Noah's ark, which took us smoothly into a discussion of the importance of God's Creatures and how we need to protect them all, including wasps.


Charlotte Allchin talked to the children all about bats, with lots of interesting information and facts, including-they are the only true flying mammal, there are over 1,400 species of bats in the world and that bats account for more than a quarter of mammal species in the UK.


The children would like to say a huge Thank You to you all for visiting us- it was great fun!


If you are interested in bats and would like to learn more about protecting them then the Bat Conservation Trust is the best place to start.


If you find a bat in need of rescue or you need information concerning bats contact;


National Bat Helpline 0345 1300 228



Pickles Hedgehogs Rescue

The Eco-council wish to give a huge *Thank You* to Lois of Pickles Hedgehogs Rescue, a very interesting and informative talk full of fun hedgehog facts - we also meet the lovely Diana, a wild Hedgehog being cared for before her release.


Lois works in conjunction with Marlow Hedgehog hub and she told us how she began her hedgehog rescue centre after finding a hoglet in need of care.

Over two years Pickles Hedgehogs has cared for and released 60 hedgehogs.


The British Hedgehog is a fascinating wild animal, native to Britain it's numbers have reduced dramatically over the last ten years and were put on the IUCN 'Red List'  as vulnerable to extinction in Great Britain (2020), highlighting the importance of Lois' rescue work. 


If you find a hedgehog in need of help (see the poster below), there are many people you can  contact;


Pickles hedgehogs - Admin contact - Kirsty Clark via Facebook

Marlow Hedgehog Hub - Admin contact - Phil via Facebook

Pines Vets-Bath Road, Maidenhead

Tiggywinkles 24hr wild animal and bird emergency care

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.


Eco Actions


The Eco-Council are the voice of all our pupils and they have many fantastic ideas to help our schools local wildlife and environment.


Planting Fruit Seeds

We've planted our rather slimy pumpkin seeds taken from a fresh pumpkin. They were safe from the squirrels' growing in our beautiful new greenhouse generously donated to the Eco-council.

A huge Thank you goes to Mrs McCulley, for your generous gift.

We've now planted them out and experimenting on protecting them from bugs and rabbits, by building a cloche out of recycled hula hoops and netting.

Replanting our Hedgerows/Animal Highways


The Eco-council have been planting hazel nuts, chestnuts and walnuts along with sycamore seeds that we found locally to improve our hedgerows. We discussed the importance of hedgerows as a safe haven for animals to escape to from open farmland, they also create habitat corridors linking woodlands allowing safe movement for animals and nesting for birds. We need to create the perfect habitat for the smaller creatures and bugs of the food chain to encourage birds and larger mammals, such as hedgehogs, badgers and foxes this will help improve the ecology of the schools tree-line. 

Fat Ball Feeders


The Eco-council have made fat balls to feed the wintering birds. It is important that we care for our wildlife and encouraging the birds, by giving them a close food source will ensure our new bird box will be used (our fingers are crossed).


The Eco- council planting out our beautiful donated roses.

During the new Eco-councils first meeting (2023-24) they discussed plans and made bird feeders with fresh apples and sunflower seeds.

Can you spot them in the playground? 

Eco Council 2023-2024

Potatoes and wild flowers

Grow-your-own-potatoes have kindly sent us seed potatoes to grow in our school.

Seven seed potatoes have been successfully chitted (forcing the seed potatoes to grow) before planting them outside.


The Eco team also re-sowed the bug hotel's green roof with wild flower seeds as well as sowing seeds in our upcycled welly boots with Lemon Balm, Crocosmia, Basil and Sunflowers. Now we will water them and watch them bloom.

Sprucing-up our playground's flower pots

Mr Miles' gardening lesson

The eco council were given a lesson on planting-up when Mr Miles delivered beautiful plants for our playground's planters. We promise we'll water them regularly.


Thank you Mr Miles for a fun and messy life lesson. 

Mammal Footprint trap

The 2021/22 Eco-council's upper years investigated which mammals inhabited the school grounds. By laying ink traps we captured a large quantity of footprint movement and believe them to be from field mice and brown rats.


Sweet Pea Teepee update

The seeds were sown and the children planted-out the sweet peas against the teepee  wooden frame, we hoped to have a peaceful, sweet smelling spot to relax in- Sadly, the naughty rabbits and other mammals ate the sweet peas and sunflowers over the summer holidays-we'll protect them while they grow next time.



The Big Bug Hotel Build

The first action of 2021/22 Eco-Council was to build a bug hotel using recycled materials, to encourage more wildlife into our school grounds - to support our local ecology.


We send our thanks to the parents of Knowl Hill who generously gave us the materials to help achieve their first project.

Using all recycled materials (including bug safe pallets).

Foundation pillars were dug and filled, ground floor laid, Floors 1-7 fitted and filled, chicken wire attached, roofing membrane laid and large logs positioned, seeds sown for the living roof -to attract butterflies and other insects.

The Eco Council want to make a difference and so can you!

By starting with small changes within our school (and at home), we can all do something to improve and protect our planet - it will make a huge difference for our future.

Litter Pick

Eco council member (2021/22) Hattie, with older sister Fearn on a litter pick. 

Fantastic work girls!


It is very important to pick-up litter, not only does it make the area look fabulous, but we are also protecting vulnerable animals from becoming trapped or poisoned.

Sharing Eco Ideas

A Powerful Eco Message, Poster Art - Maisie (year 3)

Sharing Eco Facts

Eco council member (2021/22) Olivia, found some interesting Eco facts. 

The Eco-council members


Year 6 - Jayden & William

Year 5 - Jamie & Willow 

Year 4 - Elliot & William 

Year 3 - Leah & Maggie 

Year 2 - Billy                 

Year 1 - Autumn           



Eco-Council Coordinator


Ms Butler




Eco Inspiration


Interested in becoming involved with local wildlife projects?



Wild Maidenhead 

Is a great place to start!


The group brings together residents who have an interest in nature and wildlife and acts as a hub for a wide range of local organisations with specific local or species interests in a support role, for exchanging information, gathering data and sharing knowledge and experience.

The group runs events and projects to educate, inform, enthuse and engage.


Wild Maidenhead also hold events at Braywick Nature Centre, Hibbert Rd, Maidenhead SL6 1UU, UK -It's also a lovely place to visit.



Deerswood Toad Patrol

An annual community event based around Summerleaze lake, they aim to assist toads across the roads during their journey to and from the lake.

If you live nearby you can offer your time to save toads, frogs and newts.

Active breeding time is early spring-contact them to join in the yearly rescue.


Deerswood Toad Patrol have a facebook presence.

If you wish to join them, please follow the below link and click on the  Facebook page.

Looking for more information on climate change?

The Earthshot Awards


The Earthshot Awards were launched in 2021 by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and David Attenborough.


Follow the link below to find out how people around the world are helping to make a difference to climate change in 2024.




What is COP29?


The United Nations Climate Change Conference is a meeting of world leaders who discuss how to tackle climate change. COP29 of 2024, will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. 


Cop28 UN Climate Change conference (November 2023) was held in the United Arab Emirates.

Please follow the link below to find out more of last years conference.

COP 27- Youth march in Stroud


Why did the young people of Stroud march during COP 27 climate summit?

Click on the link below to find out why!




Who is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg is an environmental activist, who holds world leaders accountable, but why is she so important to climate change?

To find out more please click on the link below.