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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill

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Foundation Class

Welcome to Foundation!


Welcome to our class page! There are sixteen children in Foundation and three adults in our class throughout the week. Our class teacher is Miss Mohomed-Hossen and our teaching assistants are Mrs Roy (Monday to Wednesday) and Miss Doyle (Monday to Friday).



Don't forget to check Tapestry regularly to see what we get up to in Foundation!






Our Christian value this term is friendship






Our PE lesson this half term will be outside on Friday mornings where the children will be developing their ball skills- throwing and catching. 

Please make sure the children have joggers/leggings in their PE kits! 


Outdoor Learning

-Everyday the children participate in outdoor learning where they have the opportunity to discover, experiment, learn about and connect to the natural world, as well as engage in a variety of outdoor and adventure activities.

-We recommend that the children keep a pair of wellies (or old trainers) and a waterproof jacket in school, as well as a pair of joggers/tracksuit bottoms/leggings/waterproof bottoms which they can slip on before going outside to keep themselves dry and warm.

-Also the children are more than welcome to keep a spare set of clothes in school in case they become muddy or wet whilst having fun exploring the water tray and playing in the mud kitchen!




Our stars of the week are... 



Our dojo winner is... 




Core Subject Information for w/c 19.4.21

Below you will find a description of what the children will be learning this week:




Every Friday homework books will be sent home so the children can write about what they did on the weekend. Homework books will then be collected every Monday so the children can share their weekend news with Miss Hossen!   


Set on: Friday 23rd April 2021

Due in: Monday 26th April 2021



Remote learning

Below is work for your child to complete at home if they are self isolating.  




>Practise counting forwards and backwards from 1 to 20, in 10s to 100 and 2s to 10. 

>Sing counting songs such as '1, 2 buckle my shoe', '1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive', '5 little ducks' etc. 

>Watch 'Numberblocks' on BBC iPlayer to help reinforce and embed counting to 20, addition within 10, subtraction within 10, number bonds to 10 and doubling to 20. 



>Use Reading Eggs (log in details are at the front of their partnership diaries). 

>Use the phonics flashcards Miss Hossen sent home to practise recalling previously taught sounds. 

>Watch 'Alphablocks' on BBC iPlayer to help reinforce and embed previously taught sounds and how to blend sounds together to form words. 

>Play ‘I Spy’ games. Can you find words beginning with...? Can you find a picture of a...? How many (x) can you see?




>Read stories together- give characters funny voices and engage with the pictures. Don't forget to ask questions about the story as you read it e.g. What is the story about? Why do you think they made that choice? Was it a good choice?  Why did that happen? What do you think will happen next? What was your favourite part of the story? Why?

>Use reading to inspire drawings or new stories.

>Read everything out loud- books, poems, nursery rhymes, newspaper and magazine articles, food labels... anything that is close to hand!