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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to the Year 6 page for the 2021-22 academic year.

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Be safe.

Home Learning:


Find the link below to the Year 6 OneNote page.


You can access any learning for our subjects here. If you are having login difficulties, let me know.



Mr Baker Year 6 Notebook  (Web view)








Lost in the Jungle


Firstly, watch the video above. Use this writing prompt video to give you the opportunity to be visualise being an explorer.


Watch the video closely and think carefully about the three writing prompts that are covered: being lost, how to survive being hunted and how to reach your ultimate goal.


Think about the prompt questions and start to think about what you need to do as an explorer to survive in this environment. This will help you to start developing atmosphere, tension and drama in your writing as you will have more experiences to base your writing.



Then, use the picture prompts above to provide you with information to help develop your survival writing. 


If you are able to, please access the OneNote link to take you to the page about planning your narrative.


If you are unable to do this, then I would like you to study the picture prompts and begin to think about a survival narrative that you would like to write:


What is the aim of your explorer?

What environments must they traverse through?

What obstacles are they going to encounter and how will they use their expertise to overcome these?


I would like to read narratives which show drama, development in tension and atmosphere and show how your character responds to different situations. I do not want to read a boring story that goes from A to B to C! Remember your purpose is to entertain the reader.



See below for last week's learning:


We are working towards writing a survival narrative. You will be writing in first person from the perspective of an adventurous explorer, who ventures on a thrilling journey through inhospitable jungles and over precarious mountains.


Throughout your discovery, you will encounter perilous situations and obvious dangers. You will be writing a story which reflects on your need to survive. How will you traverse along the white-water rapids? How will you manage to cross the broken bridge? How are you going find the resources to build a fire before the sun sets?



To begin with, I would like you to write a set of instructions for how to travel through the jungle safely. I want you to imagine that your explorer is trying to make a discovery: Are they searching for treasure? Are they aiming to uncover a lost ancient ruins?


In your instructions, I would like you to use modal verbs.


Modal verbs are verbs which tell us how certain or possible we should complete an action. For example:


You must make sure to tighten the rope on your raft, otherwise it is likely the raft will collapse in the powerful river.


Here are a list of modal verbs you could use:


I could

I would

I should

I must

I may 

I might

I can

I will

I ought to



You may want to look at some images/videos on the internet of explorers navigating through jungles or on an expedition to uncover ancient historical sites. This will help you to visualise the journey your explorer needs to take.


What other grammatical features should you be using?








Books of the Week:


Here, you can find out which books are currently available read in the classroom, as well as new arrivals to look forward to!

When 12-year-old Flick Hudson is invited to join the secret Strangeworlds Society, she's thrilled - but quickly realises that something isn't quite right in the magical multiverse. Flick must break all sorts of society rules to try and figure out what is going on, but will she be able to fix things before all of the worlds - including hers - vanishes completely?

Jamie McFlair has a problem - her nasty uncle Barry Bigtime. Bigtime seems to have a super evil and crazy plan for a group of average school pupils, one that could put the whole world at risk. Can Jamie and her friends stop Barry Bigtime before it's too late?

This is the story of a young boy called Rex and the unique summer holiday that he spent on a remote and rainy Irish island with his Uncle Derm. He discovers that his weird and wonderful uncle is in the midst of executing a most hair-brained plan to rob the island's bank.

This is an exciting and compelling story about a young girl from Russia, who sets off on an adventure with her four trusty wolves in an attempt to find her kidnapped mother.






w.c. 17.01.22










Home Learning - Maths


Power Maths


Click on the link above to come to the Power Maths login page.


Click 'login' and it will direct you to the login page.


You will need a username, password and a school code. The school code is: tclr.


I will email out to you your unique usernames and passwords. Please contact me if you have trouble logging in.


4.10.21 - Art: Clay Poppies



We will be planning our survival narratives. We will be thinking carefully about how characters can portray qualities (such as to show determination) and how a writer can show this within their writing. We will continue by breaking our thinking into themes: describing the dangerous setting; considering hour our character travels further from safety; facing a life-threatening problem and how our character makes a life-saving decision.



We will be learning about decimals. We will recap the decimal place values, how to add and subtract decimals as well as how to transition between decimals, fractions and percentages.



Find information about Year 6 homework above. Please email if you would like your child to receive paper copies, since we are trying to watch our carbon footprint.



We will be learning and practising the 'Week 12' set of spellings from the document attached below. We will also be practising words from the Y5-6 Common Exception list. Some children will also have their own targeted spellings to practise at home.

Times Tables:


The order I will be assessing the children is as follows:


2x, 5x, 10x, 4x, 8x, 3x, 6x, 9x, 11x, 12x, 7x


They will then move onto mixed questioning, followed by division facts.


If you would like to follow the same format, then you can practise the times table that your child is being assessed on/practising to learn at home.


Above is a link to the 'Knowl Hill C of E Academy' login page for Times Tables Rockstars.

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