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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back for the Spring Term in year 6! Our theme to start us off the new year is Staying Alive! We will be learning more about our bodies, how they work and we can can keep them healthy.

We will also be learning about medicine through history, focusing on heart transplants in particular. This will fit nicely with our class reader, which this term will be Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. This will also form the background for all of our English work. We will write diary entries, newspaper reports and balanced arguments to begin with.


Keep checking our class page for updates, photographs etc.


Mrs Dickens 





Stars of the Week:

Harry S - for his enthusiasm for his class work.


Stefan - for his amazing diary entry.



Dojo Winner:


Tom and Taffy



PE will be taught on a Monday and Friday mornings. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in throughout the week. This should include suitable shoes at all times. They will be going outside, on the field and it can be dangerous if they have the wrong footwear on. Also as the weather is changing joggers and sweatshirts would also be an advantage.


An awful lot of children are coming to school unprepared for PE. Please support your child by ensuring they are bringing their correct kits into school every Monday. I am aware that some children are waiting for new PE tops but please can they bring in any plain T-shirt in the meantime. PE is part of the curriculum and for health and safety reasons they are expected to have the correct equipment. Please let us know if this is an issue for you.

What we are learning

Week commencing 20th January 2020 



This week the class continues reading Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.  We will be focusing on balanced arguments over the next two weeks. This will be based on whether we agree with animal organs being used in humans or not!



This week, we will continue reading Pig Heart Boy. We will be exploring the vocabulary alongside reading skills such as prediction and inference to further understand the text. 



This week we will begin looking at percentages. We will learn how to convert fractions to percentages. We will learn how to work out the percentage of a number and compare and order decimals, fractions and percentages.



Our first block this term is Science, We will be looking at the topic of Animals including Humans. This will involve looking at the circulatory system. This week we will be focusing on computing and how to turn data into graphs using excel.





The children through to the semi-finals round will perform on Friday 24th January. The successful children will go through to the finals on Thursday 5th March. 




This year homework will be maths and reading. This is set every other Monday, due in the following Friday.

Spellings are also learned weekly and children will be tested every Friday. The test will be a dictation passage which will also test their grammar and punctuation skills. For this test the children are asked to bring in their homework books so that the test can be completed in it. This way parents can keep up with how their children are getting on.

Please look in homework books regularly to check the work is being done. We also ask parents to encourage them to bring it in on time.


Please note the new spelling list is uploaded to this page now. 

Christian Values

Our value this term is Perseverance

Sats Revision support for home

Dissecting Hearts

Dissecting Hearts 1
Dissecting Hearts 2
Dissecting Hearts 3
Dissecting Hearts 4
Dissecting Hearts 5

Our Tapestries

Our Tapestries 1
Our Tapestries 2
Our Tapestries 3
Our Tapestries 4

Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas Unwrapped 1
Christmas Unwrapped 2
Christmas Unwrapped 3
Christmas Unwrapped 4
Christmas Unwrapped 5
Christmas Unwrapped 6

Year 6 Takeover Day - Teachers in training!

Trebuchet models

Trebuchet models 1
Trebuchet models 2
Trebuchet models 3
Trebuchet models 4

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle 1
Warwick Castle 2
Warwick Castle 3
Warwick Castle 4
Warwick Castle 5
Warwick Castle 6
Warwick Castle 7
Warwick Castle 8
Warwick Castle 9
Warwick Castle 10
Warwick Castle 11
Warwick Castle 12
Warwick Castle 13
Warwick Castle 14

Drama - Freeze frames sections from Arthur

Drama - Freeze frames sections from Arthur 1
Drama - Freeze frames sections from Arthur 2
Drama - Freeze frames sections from Arthur 3
Drama - Freeze frames sections from Arthur 4

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2
Macmillan Coffee Morning 3
Macmillan Coffee Morning 4