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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back for the Summer term! I am delighted to be joining the class for what is promised to be a busy term ahead! We will


be beginning our new topic of 'Africa' with a trip to Marwell Zoo. Our main focus for the visit is to explore the different biomes


inhabited by animals that are native to Africa. We will be discovering which animals are considered to be endangered and the


factors that contribute to this. The children will be encouraged to think critically about the positives and negatives of


zoos and they will build up to writing a balanced argument representing their ideas.  Towards the end of the term, year 6 will play 


an important role in the whole school production of 'The Lion King.' One of my favourite productions and one that I think the


children will enjoy preparing for; including puppet making, mask making, singing, dancing and more!


Mrs Mitchell








PE will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in throughout the week. 

What we are learning

Week commencing 1st July 2019



This week, the children will be exploring the use of puppets in 'The Lion King' stage show. We will explore how to make a puppet with moving parts. The children will then design a cheetah puppet to use in our summer production. We will first make prototypes to test our designs before creating life sized versions. 



This week, we will continue to read 'The boy who harnessed the wind,' We will be exploring the vocabulary alongside reading skills such as prediction and inference to further understand the text.



The children have been working on a Theme Park Project. This has included designing their own theme park from a fixed budget. They have begun to work out how much their theme parks will cost to run and how much they predict to make from sales. The children are enjoying the project and will soon move onto creating advertisements to persuade the public to visit.


Additionally, we will be completing some further transition tasks, focusing upon our best qualities and creating a survival guide for the following cohort.

Project homework: Due Wednesday 5th June.

Stars Of The Week:

This weeks stars of the week are:


Yadvinder: For a positive, hard-working attitude to all activities this week.


Maida: For always working well in a team and being a good friend.

Photos: Our trip to Chessington!

Photos: Our trip to Chessington! 1
Photos: Our trip to Chessington! 2
Photos: Our trip to Chessington! 3
Photos: Our trip to Chessington! 4
Photos: Our trip to Chessington! 5

Christian Values

Our value this term is friendship! 

Book Reviews:


A book review by Deniz:


Title: Warriors

Author: Erin Hunter

Fiction or Non-fiction: Fiction


What is the book about? 

The first series is about a ginger cat joining the clan of wild cats. There are four clans: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan and Windclan. It is a very exciting and great book. The ginger cat (Firepaw) learns the clan ways of fighting and hunting. If a cat dies, they go to hunt in Starclan but if an evil/bad cat dies, they go walking in the forest of no story with no allies or friends. 


Would you recommend this book?

Yes it is amazing


Rating: 5*****


Facts I learnt about one of the characters: 

Squirrelflight lied to al her clanmates.

Her father is the clan leader (Firestar).