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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 -Home Learning Page


Congratulations Year 6, you beat the teachers with 3127 points to our 2060. A good battle I think, look out for another one soon.





Week Commencing 25th May 2020


My stars of the week this week are Zoe for some fabulous project work. Have a look further down the page. Rose and Harry W for some excellent Guided Reading results this week. Olivia for persevering with really hard maths work this week, well done. Special mention to Amaris, Alys, Abbie, Payton, Ruby, Jed, Freddie and Harrison. I saw work from all these children last week Your are all stars well done.


Hello everyone, Hope everyone is well as this week would have been half term I am not setting any new work. If you do get bored then I have left up last week's for those of you who didn't send any to me.


The closing date for entries to The Knowl Hill Village Association  annual Writing Competition has now passed and the children who are going through are Alys, Charlotte, Rose, Olivia, Zoe and Freddie, well done for your effort and hard work, I will send Mrs Bourner your entries and she will pass them on to Richard from the Village Association, good luck everyone.

I know some of you are disappointed not to be returning to school soon, but if we keep doing as the Government ask of us I'm sure we can all get back to some normality before the Summer Holidays.


Keep safe everyone


Mrs Dickens (





**Collective Worship **

Below is a link to a new short  Collective Worship by Rev Dave Atillah from White Waltham, he has very kindly given us permission to share with you.

Harrison and his family went out on a litter pick as part of their daily exercise. Harrison has sorted all the rubbish he collected and created a pie chart to show this information. Some of you might want to have a go at this. Not only will it give you a different maths exercise to do, but the streets around will be much cleaner! Good luck and send in photos if you do this or something equally as interesting and I will share them on this page.


SPAG Help sheet

Below is a sheet explaining some of the SPAG rules we use in Year 6. The list explains everything taught from Year 1 upto and including Year 6 with easy to understand definitions. You can also check out The School Run website which helps parents and children with all sorts of questions.



Follow this link to take you to your maths activities for this week:


There are daily lessons on White Rose. Below are the worksheets to match each lesson and the answers for your parents to check.

Please also remember to login to TTRockstars to practice your times tables.


I have also been made aware of another website for maths. If you are having difficulties with some of the work in White Rose, this site can take you back on a learning journey to go over bits you may have misunderstood or not quite grasped before

Last week's English tasks -

This week would have been our fifth week of Summer Term after the Easter Holidays.  We have moved away from our class reader for this block so once again I will use purple mash for the guided reading work this week.


Have a good week Year 6. Mrs Clarke and I are missing you lots and hope to see you soon!


Mrs Dickens :)




We are going to learn about modal verbs today. Modal verbs are words that suggest possibility and are very useful when writing persuasively.


1.) Watch the video on the BBC Bitesize link below.

2.) Underneath the video, there are two very short quizzes for you to complete.

3.) Create a mind map of different modal verbs. This will come in handy for your writing this week!






This week, we will be writing persuasive speeches about saving the ocean. Today we are going to analyse two speeches (one by Greta Thunberg and one by David Attenborough) and thinking about what makes them effective and persuasive to the listener.


  1. Watch Greta Thunberg’s speech and David Attenborough’s speech. There are also typed versions below if you prefer to read along.
  2. Think about which speech you prefer and why. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s about your personal preference. I have put a checklist of persuasive writing features that might help you decide why you prefer a certain speech. (One of the features mentioned is hyperbole. I have put a link below that will help to explain what this is.)
  3. Write a paragraph about which speech you prefer and why. Try to refer to the features in the checklist to help you. You can either write your speech by hand and send me a photo of it, or you can write it on the 2do on Purple Mash. Please let me know if you use purple mash.



WATCH: Greta Thunberg's full speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg chastised world leaders Monday, Sep. 23, for failing younger generations by not taking sufficient steps to stop clima...

'Continuation of civilisation is in your hands,' Attenborough tells world leaders

The broadcaster David Attenborough told delegates at a UN climate summit: 'If we don't take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of mu...



Can you remember what a modal verb is? Over the next couple of days, complete the activity booklet about modal verbs.


Today we are going to be doing some research about plastic pollution, ready to write our persuasive speeches later on in the week.


  1. Watch the videos about plastic pollution (you might want an adult to check them first because some of them have sad images of dead animals.)
  2. Read through the different documents that I’ve uploaded and write down any notes and facts that you think will be helpful when writing your speech. These notes don’t need to be fancy – it can be a simple bullet point list or a mind-map. We’ll be doing a more detailed and organised plan tomorrow, so it might be worth having a look at tomorrow’s lesson to see what headings we’ll be using for our planning.
  3. You can carry on doing more research if you want to, but make sure you use safe internet practices if you do a web search.



Continue with your modal verb booklet from yesterday.




Today we are going to plan our persuasive speeches using the headings below. You only need to write bullet points under each heading and remember to use the research that you did yesterday.


Paragraph 1: Introduce the issue

(E.g. The oceans are becoming full of plastics).


Paragraph 2: Say why the issue is important

(E.g. species are dying)


Paragraph 3: Pose a problem (use statistics and personal examples)

(E.g. The oceans produce 70% of the oxygen we breathe, so if the species are declining, this could severely impact us.)


Paragraph 4: Call for action/suggest solutions

(E.g. Stop using plastic straws, make sure you recycle etc. Remember to directly address the audience).




Complete the Modal Verbs Test below. The answers are included on the document so that you can mark them once you’ve finished.




Today and tomorrow, we are going to write our persuasive speeches, urging the government to do something about plastic pollution in our oceans. Use your plans and research as well as the checklist of features that are linked below. I have also put an example of a persuasive speech that you can look at if you’re stuck for ideas. Once you’ve written your speech, you can film yourself reading it aloud if you would like to. You can write your speech on a piece of paper/type it up and send it to me, or you can complete it on the 2do on Purple Mash.








Continue writing your persuasive speeches from yesterday, remembering to edit your work and check for punctuation and spelling mistakes. If you decide to read your speech and video it, I'd love to see it!



Beyond the Bright Sea

Below is the first five chapters of our class reader. Please try to finish reading them and I will upload two more chapters later in the week.

Non-Core Projects - W.C. 18.05.20 & 25.05.20

I've uploaded a document with some ideas based on the Science topic that the children would have been learning at school. I will keep these activities on here for over half term too. There are resources uploaded below to support the activities. If you take any photos or videos, please email them to me at 



Non-Core Projects -

I've uploaded a document with some ideas based on the Geography topic that the children would have been learning at school for the next two weeks. These activities are all optional and will be changed to a different subject after two weeks. There are resources uploaded below to support the activities. If you take any photos or videos, please email them to me at 

Non-Core Project

Zoe's City

Zoe's City 1
Zoe's City 2
Zoe's City 3
Zoe's City 4


Login to


Practice some spellings, you choose this week. Then on Friday see how many words you can use in a paragraph, get your parent/carer to test you.

If you know an area you are struggling with in spellings then have a look through the website at previous year groups to see if you can improve.


It is important that we all keep active over the coming weeks. By keeping active and we can help our bodies build some resilience to the virus. Below are some links to support keeping active (There is even one the whole family can do!)

Kids Zumba


Kids Zumba


Whole school 5 minute moves from the body coach for schools



Family cardio workout


Joe Wicks is also doing daily PE sessions for children. Aim to complete these sessions  at least twice a week.




Purple Mash


When I have looked at your work on Purple Mash I move it into:

My Work/Done 2dos folder. If you look in there you will find all your work saved with any comments I have made.



Picture 1

Bee Eco Friendly.


Another idea for you whilst the weather is good and Spring is here!

Below is a link to a website all about bees. You can learn how important bees are to our environment. It tells you how to encourage bees into your garden or window box and how to spot the many different bees around us. You could designate a section of your garden, or window box and become a "Beetective" with one of their packs.


The packs can be found here

They are offering a 15% discount code SOCIALDISTANCING


For any more information you can check out their website

Need some additional work?

This is a link to a free home learning pack. It has loads of activities available for you to do. If you click on the link then open the booklet for 7-11 year olds.

Easter Family Activities - This is a link from Furze Platt Senior School for an activity pack the whole family can do.

Year 6 Takeover Day - Teachers in training!

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle 1
Warwick Castle 2
Warwick Castle 3
Warwick Castle 4
Warwick Castle 5
Warwick Castle 6
Warwick Castle 7
Warwick Castle 8
Warwick Castle 9
Warwick Castle 10
Warwick Castle 11
Warwick Castle 12
Warwick Castle 13
Warwick Castle 14