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Year 5

Encourage one another, and build each other up

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Welcome to Year 5's class page!


Your teacher is Miss Littleford. 

Your teaching assistant is Miss Tull and Mrs Bower



Our Learning Last Week

Week Commencing February 19th 


STEM week activities

The children have had the opportunity to celebrate all things STEM this week - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - by engaging in a variety of activities which incorporate these skills. The children began the week by learning about the history of animation and how it has progressed as new technologies have been invented. This helped them have a good understanding of the technology used to create animations today, and led to them creating their own animations using a new technology to the school called micro:bits. The children designed their own animation, carefully considering what coding skills they would need to be able to program the micro:bit to show their animation. They thoroughly enjoyed using the micro:bits and are looking forward to using them again!


We were very lucky to be able to borrow an engineering box from the James Dyson Foundation, which allowed us to embrace our inner engineers. The children were provided with all the equipment to dismantle a Dyson vacuum cleaning head. They carefully watched a video from the James Dyson Foundation explaining how to take it apart in the correct order, and even rose to the challenge of putting it back together on their own! They loved seeing all the parts of the vacuum cleaner head and enjoyed the hands on experience. They then created their own version of a vacuum cleaner - the brush monster! They used their science knowledge to create a circuit which allowed the brush to move on it's own, and decorated it as a team.


We have also had several talks both in person and online from professionals in a STEM career. On Monday we spoke with Rosie who works as a medical statistician for the NHS. She explained how she uses maths every day to save lives and the children were so interested in hearing how maths can be applied in the real world. On Tuesday we had a visit from Arthur from the Maidenhead Astronomical Society who spoke to us in great depth about all things space! We learnt so much, including the scientific reason why the sky is blue. Finally on Thursday, the children had a call with Ben an engineer. The children learnt about different careers in engineering. 

This term's Christian value

This term's Christian value is perseverance. We will be considering what it means to persevere and situations where we have had to persevere in our own lives. We will also discuss how perseverance can help us in our learning and hobbies.