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Knowl Hill CE Academy has 7 classes.


Year 1 

Year 2

Year 3 

Year  4 

Year 5

Year 6 


Pupil start Foundation class in September.  We accept up to a maximum of 30 pupils per year group.  As spaces are limited it is imperative that you contact RBWM to complete an admissions application form for Foundation admission.  If your child is in year 1 or above please contact the school directly as the Academy runs its own admissions.  We strongly recommend you visit the school before you apply for a place for your child.

If your child is successful in securing a place at our school, we will invite them to attend a transition week in July.  This enables you and your child to get to know the staff, the school setting and ask any questions. We also deliver a presentation to parents which includes an introduction to the curriculum and what you and your child can expect on the first day of school.  During the induction sessions children get to know one another before they start school and parents can meet one another too!  Feedback from the induction sessions has been really positive and parents have also exchanged contact details to meet up over the summer before the start of the school year.


Please feel free to attend our summer events such as sports day and the summer fayre so you can feel part of the school community immediately!

Mid-Term Admissions - please return the application form to the school office.