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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Hi Year 3, 


I hope you and your families are all well. 


Over the next few weeks I will be setting work, so you can continue your learning at home. Please keep an eye on this year 3 page, which I will update regularly, with information on home learning and different tasks. I know this is a very different and difficult time, however please try to keep up to date with work set. This will help keep your mind engaged and ensure that you are able to continue with the fantastic progress you have all made this year. I look forward to keeping in contact with all of you and viewing your work.


If parents or children do have any queries over this period, please do not hesitate to email me (please check with parents). I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. It would also be great to see some of your work and any pictures of what you might be up to, where possible I can share this with the class. 


Stay positive and keep smiling!   


Mr C : ) 


Weekly Tasks- 30.03.20


Purple Mash:

Great to see some of you using purple mash, please let me know if you have any problems and I will try to resolve them as soon as possible.


All of you should have your login details for purple mash. These were all stuck in the front page of partnership books or emailed home. Please check purple mash regularly, for updates and tasks for home learning. Hand in for tasks set; may be weekly, a specific hand in date or on going. You will find tasks in the '2Dos' section. 



Writing- This week can you write a diary of your week-Monday to Friday. Each day try try write a short passage about your day and what you got up to. Try to write interesting sentences with the use of: 
-expanded noun phrases 
- first person 
-commas in a list
-headings and subheadings (e.g. days of week) 


This can be completed on purple mash or on your computers and then emailed to me. I will pick my some of my favorites at the end of the week. 


SPAG and Comprehensions- 3 chapters, comprehensions and SPAG activities set on purple mash. 



White Rose (our curriculum provider) has created a series of lessons (one a day) to help support math learning at home. This includes, a short video which should provide some guidance and also an answer sheet (no peeking!!). Please follow the link below to access these lessons.


Week 2: a recap of some of this terms unit on fractions. 




There are also extra maths tasks on purple mash to complete. Don't forget to practice times tables, some useful sites are below. This is a great time to improve fluency in times tables, which will have a big impact on future learning and next year.









Year 3 and 4- Spelling Rule 24 - Homophones and near-homophones (4 of 4)


On this site children can practice spellings through interactive games and test themselves. I would recommend children practice the spelling rule and words provided in the week and test themselves every Friday (like at school). 



I have included some experiments you can carry out at home below- please make sure your parents are aware and you are safe. Can you present some of your findings in a Scientific report? 



Can you use your drawing skills from this term to draw 3 items in your house that are personal and important to you. If you have watercolours available, why not try exploring your techniques (bleeding, blending, blotting, splatting, resist) that you have learnt. Please send me some of your drawings I would love to see them.  



Really important to keep active and healthy during this period of isolation. Please keep an eye on this page for updated activities. 


The Body Coach TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ


Joe Wicks will be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel- The Body Coach TV. You don't need any equipment just tune into his channel at 9am each morning (available online- anytime) for a 30-minute, fun workout. Suitable for all ages even adults...can you get mum and dad involved? 


Whole school 5 min moves from the body coach. 






Kids Zumba 





Keep up to date with what is going on around the world with newsround. 





Please try to keep up with daily reading, there is a book review template below. It would be great to share some of your reviews on our class page. 



Suggested Timetable:

I have included a suggested daily timetable below, I fully understand everyone's days may differ, so please do what suits you. All of these tasks can be done at any point of the day. 



  • PE- Joe Wicks workout (30 mins) 9am...flying start to the day!
  • Maths- Daily lessons with videos on white rose. 
  • English- Reading and SPAG: One chapter, quiz (comprehension) and SPAG task available on puple mash. 


  • Rockstar Timetables- 10 min practice 
  • Newsround
  • Spelling- practice words using online resources available at spelling frame (expect Friday-tests)- 15 minutes
  • Handwriting- Practice cursive writing on lines- 10 minutes
  • Provide a choice- Science or Art?


  • Reading- 10 minutes 
  • Writing- Diary- make notes on what you have done today. 

Reading Review Template

N.B. Words highlighted in yellow are for Year 3.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map 1



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Dojo Winner:







Dance Extravaganza

Dance Extravaganza  1
Dance Extravaganza  2
Dance Extravaganza  3
Dance Extravaganza  4

Christmas Party

Christmas Party 1
Christmas Party 2
Christmas Party 3
Christmas Party 4
Christmas Party 5
Christmas Party 6
Christmas Party 7
Christmas Party 8
Christmas Party 9

Clay Castles

Clay Castles  1
Clay Castles  2
Clay Castles  3
Clay Castles  4
Clay Castles  5
Clay Castles  6
Clay Castles  7
Clay Castles  8
Clay Castles  9
Clay Castles  10
Clay Castles  11
Clay Castles  12
Clay Castles  13
Clay Castles  14
Clay Castles  15

PE- Squire training

PE- Squire training  1 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  2 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  3 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  4 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  5 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  6 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  7 Knight freeze frames
PE- Squire training  8 Knight freeze frames

Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep

Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  1 Lodges
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  2 Castle life!
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  3
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  4 Horrible History Maze
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  5 Horrible History Maze
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  6
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  7
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  8
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  9 The Falconers' Quest
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  10 The Falconers' Quest
Warwick Castle- 26th- 27th Sep  11 Trebuchet