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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust and Audited Accounts

Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust


Welcome to the Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust. Our schools have a rich history and tradition of learning dating many centuries. Education was not considered a high priority for many poor families in the past nor was it compulsory.  Many children were sent to work long hours each day and contribute towards the family income. The Christian church recognised that education was key to success and that it should be made available to all children - free of charge.  This idea provided the opportunity for many young children to stop working and attend school to receive an education.  The core skills of reading and writing changed many lives for the better and today we continue to offer free compulsory education for all children.


Set amidst rural villages surrounded by beautiful countryside in and around Berkshire, our schools are unique due to the distinctive communities they serve yet have a common purpose which is to combine academic and non-academic excellence with true Christian values and beliefs.  The core Christian values of forgiveness, courage, compassion, honesty, respect, generosity form the foundation of our Multi Academy Trust upon which the building blocks of education rests. The founders of our schools believed that ‘education is of itself a proper expression of Christian faith and practice’. All children are welcomed to our schools regardless of their cultural, ethnic, religious, socio-economic background or whether they are disadvantaged physically, emotionally or in any other way. Our desire is that every child should feel nurtured and loved not only for their achievements but also for their unique God given qualities.


We have a broad and rich curriculum which encompasses academia, arts, performances, sciences and sport. Our goal is to provide an environment where a child’s true potential is unlocked and fulfilled. We believe that teaching should not just be restricted to a traditional classroom approach, but school should be an amazing life changing experience. To this end, our curriculum encompasses trips, science projects, dance extravaganzas, school productions, assemblies led by the Salvation Army or RAF officers, workshops, residentials, art festivals, poetry competitions, choir performances and recordings for local radio stations as well as fund raising events for the local children’s hospice to name just a few!


Our staff, students and their families, leadership and governors form the Trust family and we believe in loving, encouraging and building each other up to achieve one’s very best. The governors and leadership are committed as stewards of the Trust to give every child the best possible opportunity to grow into healthy, vibrant, dynamic, responsible citizens with moral integrity. We hope you enjoy your visit to our schools as you see the enthusiasm and care each member of this community show towards each other and visitors. We are proud of our staff and children as they work hard in making our schools a truly wonderful place where the ‘traditional yet modern’ combine to produce truly remarkable individuals.

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