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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

"Together We Succeed"

Ashley Hill MAT

Part of the

Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

The Role of the Governing Body


Governors have three main roles:-


1. The strategic role, which is about:

* vision for the school

* developing aims for the school

* planning so that all pupils can achieve the very best they can


2. The Governors Role in School Improvement - the 'Critical Friend' role, and in this role they:

* monitor and evaluate the school's work

* visit the school

* ensure that all meetings are effective by reading all papers prior to the meeting and preparing their questions for areas that they would like to discuss


3. The Accountability role of the Governing Body which is concerned with:

* reporting on progress

* reciprocal accountability between school leaders and governors

* the accountability to parents and the community they serve


School governors make important collective decisions and the governing body is answerable to parents and the community. The responsibilities of the governing body include:

* promoting high standards of education and achievement

* planning the school's long-term future

* setting the school's aims and values

* appointing senior staff including the Headteacher

* budgetary allocation and control

* deciding on the number of staff to be employed

* making sure that the curriculum is broad and balanced