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Year 1

Week 6

Commencing 26th May 2020

Half Term




100% accuracy Touch Typing


A good sentence about riding his bike.


Realising home learning is fun.


Hello children & adults


A massive thank you to those that spent time coming up with fantastic under the sea story ideas for our annual writing competition.  I really enjoyed reading each unique story, but it was difficult to choose the finalists as the writing was phenomenal.  Keep your eyes peeled for the results from the panellists…


Half term equals family time, therefore none of the normal home learning has been set.  Though for those still eager, try the following:


1. Family Portrait (Photography) - Have fun making memories, if possible please take a family photo, somewhere that makes you and your family happy.  You’ll use the photograph for an art task next term.



2. Poetry Recital - Continue to read the Michael Rosen poem ‘These are the hands’ (see Reading section) with your family, as when school returns next week, I will be allocating stanzas (lines of poetry) for us to create a whole class recital.


Last week was our last opportunity to enjoy our weekly telephone conversation, which I’ve enjoyed during the national lock-down.


I hope you have a wonderful break.


Kind regards

Miss Sandy

Home Learning


Children, it’s really fun and important to read aloud daily with your family.  


Please start reading this poem 'These are the hands' with your child.  As next week I'll be allocating sections for each child to memorise, with the aim to produce a collaborative video.


Adults please print out the Year 1 Questions for Reading Bookmark, to create a doubled sided bookmark, that you can use to you ask retrieval (answer is in the text) and inference (interpreting the text) questions.


Here are some links to help you choose books for your children:

Archived Home Learning



It’s really important to practice sounding out phonics, blending and reading aloud to your family daily.

Follow the schedule to access the following Read Write Inc video lessons (available for 24 hours only) .



Monday 18th May

Set 1 – ng

Set 2 – oo – look at a book

Set 3 - ew

Tuesday 19th May

Set 1 – nk

Set 2 – ar

Set 3 - ire

Wednesday 20th May

Set 1 – m (Set 1 restarts)

Set 2 – or

Set 3 - ear

Thursday 21st May

Set 1 – a

Set 2 – air

Set 3 – ea (Set 3 restarts)

Friday 22nd May

Set 1 – s

Set 2 – ir

Set 3 – oi


Set 1   Speed Sounds 9.30am,  Word Time 9.45am,  Spelling 10.00am

Set 2   Speed Sounds & Word Time 10.00am, Spelling 10.15am

Set 3   Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.30am, Spelling 10.45 Time

Storytime with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri) 2.00pm

Combined Learning  


English, Maths and topic.  Use this or/and Purple Mash for combined learning.


Additional links to support writing about Desert Habitats.

Combined Learning  

Weekly Pack on Purple Mash

Login to the interactive English, Maths and Topic tasks.  Either use Classroom Secrets or/and Purple Mash.


Use the user-friendly Purple Mash Parent Guide which I created to support you, in supporting your child to access the 2dos, optional weekly learning and limitless learning to explore their own interests.   At first you may need to supervise your child, though over time as their confidence raises, so will their independence.


Balancing screen and off-screen time is a challenge.   For those who cannot print off Classroom Secrets, please use the Parent Guide to assist your child in accessing the weekly learning (not set as a 2do).



Use White Rose Maths or/and Classroom Secrets above or Purple Mash online.


Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 118h May)

Go to


White Rose Maths, features a video to introduce the method, options are to download the worksheet, you or your child could write into a book/whiteboard instead.  Children, can pretend to be the teacher or ask an adult or sibling to check if your answers are correct (send in a photo of a piece of work you’re proud of completing).







Lesson 1 - Compare length and height

Lesson 2 - Measure length (1)


Lesson 3 - Measure length (2)


Lesson 4 - Introduce weight and mass


Friday Maths Challenge



Daily grammar and writing challenge, either use the combined Classroom Secrets (Pirate themed week), or Purple Mash online.


Now that you're using a computer more, it will be a useful school and life-skill to be able to touch type.  Touch typing means using certain fingers, to press certain letter keys, numbers and symbols on a keyboard, eventually without looking at the keyboard!


Login to

You choose how long to spend on each of the daily games.  Even as little as 6 minutes per day will help you become more confident using a computer/laptop keyboard.







Letters and Numbers

Right and left letters.

Letters and Numbers

Right and left words.

Letters and Numbers

All keys A-Z.

Letters and Numbers

Numbers 0-9.

Letters and Numbers

Falling numbers.


Enjoy staying fit and healthy, by exercising indoors, in your garden or on a daily walk, run or cycle with your family.  Practise throwing and catching a ball.  Also, PE with Joe Wickes is available for 9am daily and can be don’t at any time that suits you.  Click


Dave Atillah from St Mary's Church in White Waltham's video assembly for local schools.  Enjoy the story, thought, prayer and song- it's very sweet.



Illustrate a Story Challenge

Please ask your family to read Sybil the Sloth to you, try and join in.  Then create an illustration of a book cover, main character or what happens in story.  Take a photo of your artwork and save as SlothbyFirstNameSurname ie SlothbyMissSandy.  I’ll let you know where to upload your image as soon as possible.   Mrs Bourner is selecting some of the best to send to the author, and to display on our website!

Eager Beavers Additional Things To Do


I wonder if anyone in Year 1 has got lost in Cliveden’s maze or seen the illuminations at Waddesdon Manor.  If you love exploring buildings and landscapes, have a go at making one out of anything for this National Trust challenge above.  Follow the links to see what other children created, then follow the instructions,  Take a photo and name, NT-FirstNameSurname-NameOfSite ie NT-MissSandy-ClivedenManor.  I’ll let you know where to upload your image as soon as possible.


Additional Phonics Resources 

Set 1.5 Green Words

Still image for this video

Set 1.6 Green Words

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'igh'

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'ir'

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'or'

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'ou'

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'ow'

Still image for this video

Set 2 Green Words 'oy'

Still image for this video

Ditty 7

Still image for this video

Ditty 8

Still image for this video

Ditty 9

Still image for this video
Picture 1


Please find attached the curriculum information for Year One below. For further information please contact Miss Trayte.

Useful Websites

Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.




Counting, matching and ordering 1- 

Counting, matching and ordering 2- 

Higher or lower-

Number ordering-

Number sequences-



Times Tables:



Joining words-

Making sentences-

Rhyming words-




Additional Phonics

We have learned all our sounds but it is really important to keep practicing recognising and reading these sounds in a variety of words!


The children love to play this bingo game:


Alphablocks is a children's show that focuses on sound learning and blending which can be interactive and you can find this on YouTube:


This website will be helpful for parents to understand how to pronounce each of the sounds and other useful information about phonic skills:


Please ensure that you are reading the Read Write Inc books sent home three times before moving on to the next book.


Reading with Mrs Bird!

Below are some videos to help you practice reading your Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Green Words and your Red and Green Ditties! Enjoy!