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Knowl Hill CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill

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Year 1

Adults in Year One

Class Teacher- Mrs Richards

Teaching assistant - Mrs Roy (Mon, Tue, Wed)


If you have any questions that can't be answered from the information below, please send an email to the school office which will be passed on to myself.




Our Christian value this term is Thankfulness


This term our Topic is Why do we remember? 

We will be learning about past significant events that we still remember today and why. For some of our learning the children will learn about WW1.  





Epic - Books for Kids ( 


If you would like to use Epic to access lots of free reading books here is our class code that you will need.


Class code: qyl3398

Week beginnning 18th October


The children have had worked hard this week completing their very own stories of the Plump Pink Pig based on the story of the Little Red Hen. I'm so proud of them all as every single child showed great determination and perseverance during this task and have achieved great results. We have also had great fun exploring salt dough and clay ready for making our poppies next week.  






This week we will begin our next unit of writing which is a 3 week block. During this time we will be looking at the traditional Tale 'The Little Red Hen' 


In this block we will be focusing on retelling a story. Throughout the topic we will cover the follwoing objectives.

  • I can create a story map. 
  • I can say out loud what I am going to write.  
  • I can compose a sentence orally before writing it.  
  • I can form lower and upper-case letters correctly. 
  • I can leave spaces between words.  
  • I can use capital letters and full stops. 
  • I can sequence sentences to form a short retell.  
  • I can use past tense mostly correctly and consistently. 



We will also have a focus on handwriting and beginning to learn the cursive script ready for joining when they go into Year 2. We will continue to use the Read Write Inc sayings for letter formation but adding in the up we go before starting. The aim is for the children to learn that when joining the letters will start on the line (on the line every time!) rather than in the air.




This week we will complete our third topic addition and subtraction within 10. This unit has 6 sessions where we will embed our knowledge of finding number bonds within 10. We will finsih the unit by looking at solving worded problems using addition. 






Key vocabulary for this unit:

part, whole and part-whole, altogether, in total, total, sum

add, added, plus, or +, count, count on

missing, missing part, number bonds, number pairs, number stories


Topic: Art


For this unit our focus will be on art. The children will explore what clay is like and how different tools can be used to create different textures. Using their new expertise the children will then work towards making their own realistic clay poppy. To help them with this task the children will look at form, texture, shape and colour of real poppies to inform their work. We will also explore techniques that can be used for joining and shaping clay. 







Autumn is here!

This week the weather has shifted to be more autumnal. I would like to still use the garden as much as possible as I know the children enjoy it so much. Please could you ensure your child has an appropriate coat in school at all times and a pair of wellies that can be left at school.


Please could PE kits be in school all week as we do sometimes do PE on otehr days. Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. As it's half term I will send PE kits home this week for a wash. After half term please ensure that within the PE kit your child has jogging bottoms, a PE jumper and socks for the girls. It is really helpful if all items of clothing is names including cycling shorts that many girls have been wearing as I currently have a collection of them in the classroom! If you are missing any please let me know and I can get them back to you smiley











Maths homework will be going out on Monday 18th October and will be due on Monday 1st November.



Here are the spellings for this week. You will also find them in their homework books. Please do not use the homework book to practice the spellings in. Spellings will be tested on Friday morning. Please remember to send homework books in on Friday as this is where the spelling test will be done.











All the children will come home with a Read Write Inc reading book on Monday. Please remember to write in their partnership book when they have been reading so that I know when to change their books. Each book should be read three times before they are changed. Please could you write the name of the book into the partnership book so that I can keep a record of what books they have had and it will ensure the correct next book is given.  


The children will also be coming home with their high frequency word packs. New words will be sent home when children move colours. Remeber once the children are confident reading these words they can be challenged by learning to spell them too.

Parent Information Meeting


It was lovely meeting so many of you on Tuesday evening. Here is the power point that I shared with everyone. If you have any questions please email. 

Below is a list of year 1 common exception words.

Class Dojo Winner!

Mrs Bourner Parent Information Evening presentation


Useful Websites

Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.




Counting, matching and ordering 1- 

Counting, matching and ordering 2- 

Higher or lower-

Number ordering-

Number sequences-



Times Tables:



Joining words-

Making sentences-

Rhyming words-




Additional Phonics

We have learned all our sounds but it is really important to keep practicing recognising and reading these sounds in a variety of words!


The children love to play this bingo game:


Alphablocks is a children's show that focuses on sound learning and blending which can be interactive and you can find this on YouTube:


This website will be helpful for parents to understand how to pronounce each of the sounds and other useful information about phonic skills:


Please ensure that you are reading the Read Write Inc books sent home three times before moving on to the next book.


Reading with Mrs Bird!

Below are some videos to help you practice reading your Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Green Words and your Red and Green Ditties! Enjoy!